22 September 2013

My Son is Taking Over

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. We've been rebuilding Lego City to make room for some new buildings. My son is actually going to take over posting about Lego City on his blog: 1legoson Creates

1 legoson is a creator. He is an artist and a scientist, and he's also a Minecraft addict. He is going to post about all the stuff he creates, including our Lego City buildings. Be sure to check out his blog!

05 September 2011

Back to School

Back to school is a time of mixed emotions. The kids are sad that summer's over. The parent's are glad to see the kids go back to school. The children are excited about meeting new people and learning new things.

Check out this year's back-to-school video:

29 August 2011

A New Family in the Neighbourhood

Meet the Watson's. They moved into Lego City during the Christmas season of 2010:

They've been enjoying their new house:

And their yard:

They're loving Lego City and all of the wonderful minifigures they've met!

26 August 2011


It's Friday night!

And LegoMomof1 is on twitter for #wineparty:


And now she's tweeting with @therobotmommy. I only wish that Lego made #bacon pieces:

And, since it's #wineparty, @therobotmommy is doing the robot dance for a vlog:

Happy #wineparty!

22 August 2011

Pool Party

With summer coming to an end, a pool party was in order:

Kendra was a little too excited and over-dressed for the party:

The men discuss baseball while barbecuing:

As evening fades to twilight, romance blossoms: